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Wildlife Garden Bauhaus Bird House

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The Bauhaus and De Stijl styled bird feeder and house

A classy birdhouse for modern birds, this little wooden toy house has been designed to feed and nest urban or countryside species in beautiful De Stijl style. Art turnt useful in everyday objects!
Unlike your regular bird house or cage, here design matters, making it an undeniable example of Neoplasticism, or Bauhaus School merchandise, that will appeal to lovers of nature and of art, with the three primary colours + green, and horizontal and vertical geometric that remind those of Mondrian or Alma Siedhoff-Buscher.

The angularity of the little house structure makes it a fun addition to the greenery of a garden, outer wall, or window pane. It matches the style-conscious home owner who appreciates the spirit of De Stijl art as well while, functionally speaking, it has also been designed with the help of ornithologists in order to be suitable for a small bird or birds. 

Although this is not a bird cage, a family of birds can come to inhabit the place if you are lucky. As their landlord, you only have to place some water nearby for their occasional use and simply respect their privacy as tenants they are.

Such a refreshing and fine looking item that's brings happiness.


17.6 x 17.3 x 22.6 cm
6.92 x 6.8 x 8.86 inches

1.0 kg
2.2 pounds

Wood, environmentally friendly paint

2 l seed

Can be mounted on a pole, wall or tree.

Wall bracket and screws are supplied. Note: pole is not included!

Packaging: Display carton with window