Google Arts & Culture Project: Bauhaus Dessau

Google Arts & Culture Project: Bauhaus Dessau

The Bauhaus Dessau, home of the 20th century Bauhaus artistic movement, is a striking monument of modernist architecture located in Dessau, Germany. Bauhaus’ innovative architecture is the subject of our Bauhaus Dessau anniversary M(art)gnet, a five-piece puzzle magnet which was designed to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the building in 2019. You can check out the magnet at our website along with other products inspired by the artists of the Bauhaus movement here:

To explore the Bauhaus Dessau building and artistic movement be sure to see the new Google Arts & Culture feature in collaboration with Bauhaus Dessau The project highlights the influence of the Bauhaus on architecture, costume design, furniture design, and textile design. It also examines life for students and teachers at the Bauhaus and even offers a virtual tour of this monumental building, allowing you to explore its architecture from the comfort of your own home!

You can also learn more about the various artists who shaped the Bauhaus movement including Walter Gropius, Josef Albers, Paul Klee, as well as many more teachers, artists, and visionaries. Be sure to check out the Bauhaus artworks, up close function to see the breathtaking works of these artists and explore their brushwork and texture up close! The Bauhaus Dessau project celebrates the lasting and profound impact of the Bauhaus movement on modern art, architecture, and design and provides the perfect way to experience and learn about the history of the Bauhaus and its artists virtually.

In addition to our anniversary magnet, be sure to check out our full range of M(art)gnets including our Neoplasticism magnet which celebrates the innovative work of several Bauhaus artists such as Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. You can see our full range M(art)gnets inspired by the groundbreaking art of the 20th century at our website by clicking here.



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