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Bauhaus Dessau Magnet

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The Bauhaus Dessau School 100th anniversary magnet

In 1919 was established in the city of Weimar, Germany, the Staatliches Bauhaus arts academy, an artistic cluster that shaped modern design forever. 

This 6-separate-pieces magnet puzzle represents the Bauhaus School building façade, the emblematic edification of the School, which was designed by its first director Walter Gropius.

With its main building easily recognizable in a scale of grey, the number 100 displays in the three main Bauhaus' colors to commemorate its anniversary.

Magnet design based on the Malevich Garage/Beamalevich's 2019 greeting card.


Dimensions (assembled):
H10.5 x L19.1 cm 
H4.1 x L7.5 in

white, black, grey (scaled), blue, red, yellow.

6 separate pieces

Designed by Marcel Abellanet, Barcelona.