Designing an Aesthetic Workspace with Beamalevich

Designing an Aesthetic Workspace with Beamalevich

A key component of designing a comfortable workspace is surrounding ourselves with items, decoration, and imagery that make us feel both at home and inspired. Having a welcoming and aesthetic workplace can actually help us be more productive during the day as well as spark creativity and innovation in our work. Being in control of your environment and customizing it to best suit you and your tastes will only make the work day easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling!

modular desk organizer

At BeaMalevich, we look to art for inspiration and design artistic products that allow you to bring creative, artistic pieces into your office. Our new Modul@r Desk Organizer offers a creative way to organize your workspace: It’s simple, modular design makes it perfect for storing everyday desk items while still allowing you to adapt the organizer to your environment. Additionally, our organizer is made entirely from sustainable materials so your space can be eco-friendly!

To integrate the beautiful art of Kazimir Malevich into your workspace check out our Architecton desk toy here: Inspired by Malevich’s Alpha Architecton, this toy adds a sleek, industrial aesthetic to any space while allowing you to explore geometricity, space, and Suprematist architecture right at your desk. You can also find other creative construction models for all publics, by clicking here.

ceramic sportsmen

Also be sure to take a look at our Ceramics Sportsmen decorative pieces: These pieces are one of a kind, handmade and painted by master ceramicist Stefano Puzzo in his studio Ceramiche Puzzo, and are sure to accent your workspace. Featuring the vibrant colors characteristic of Malevich’s paintings, these handcrafted ceramic pieces will brighten any space and foster creative thinking.

To add a sleek, modern touch to your desk space see our Shapes Of series Made from methacrylate, these beautiful silhouettes feature urban skylines including New York, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Paris, and Valencia. Also be sure to check out our Shapes of Tatlin Tower and Shapes of Mondrian products to celebrate the architecture and art of pivotal 20th century artists Vladimir Tatlin and Piet Mondrian. These products are customizable and allow you to create new configurations of shapes and space integrating architecture, art, and industrial design into one stunning decorative piece.


shapes of barcelona skyline diorama


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