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Unité d'Habitation Façade Big Magnets

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A pack of 8 magnets to decorate your fridge like Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation

Put together combinations of the emblematic Marseille building designed by Le Corbusier, piece by piece, from square magnets depicting its façade windows and balcony frames in beautiful sparks of colour.

This pack of Big Unité d'Habitation magnets is including 8 small magnets as well which also represent the Marseille building. With them, the brutalist spirit will be more present in your fridge - you will create a world of miniature, where concrete becomes the walls and roofs of the human hive.

From Beamalevich's M(arch)gnets collection of Fridge magnets inspired in Architecture.


8 different magnets

Designed by Marcel Abellanet, Barcelona.