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TRI 60 Color by CNC Objects

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play without limits!

An entertaining wooden game for the whole family!

What is TRI?
Simple lace pieces for the construction of complex and non-traditional shapes. Recovering the tradition of wooden toys, innovating in design, color, technology and sustainability with high quality standards.

TRI is a didactic game, to build freely and easily, develop motor skills and decision making. In addition, it promotes imagination, concentration and creativity. Exploring the complexities of the geometry of three-dimensional space and equilibrium.

All the pieces (10 of each color) have the same shape and six different colors: orangegreenredyellowblue and natural woodBright and attractive tones, achieved with non-toxic natural waxes and oils that reveal the grain of the wood. Its measurements are 8 x 9 cm.



Dimensions (box):
Length: 26 cm // 10.2 in
Diameter: 10 cm // 3.9 in

Weight (total):
0.9 kg // 1.98 lbs

60 pieces (10 of each color)

pefc certified wood