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The 6 Malevich Coasters

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Pack of 6 x Geometrical suprematist coasters

Keep your shelves and tables protected from spills and be creative at once with this unique set of Malevich inspired coasters

This set of coasters includes 2 units of each design (circle, cross, square), entirely cast in acrylic-methacrylate with a lightweight and reflective finish.

When not in use for drinks and vases, you can enjoy using them around and even decorating your spaces with their geometry.

A coaster is a beautiful accessory to have around and use in your daily life. You will keep surfaces safe from moisture from spills and possible scratches or damages, and give a classy touch to your snacks and drinks. On top of that, the Malevich coasters have an alternative use - experimentation. Designed with dents that enable to pile them up in different directions, the set becomes an architecture toy, ideal for children to play with or for Suprematism or Constructivist lovers alike.

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Dimensions (per piece):
H7.5 x W7.5 cm
H2.9 x W2.9 in

Weight (total):
262 g // 0.88 lbs


2 x black square coasters
2 x black cross coasters
2 x black circle coasters

Wipe with wet cloth to clean finger marks