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Malevich Sportsmen Magnets

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A tribute to Kazimir Malevich. Inspired by his "Sportsmeny" painting (Sportsmen), from 1931.

This emblematic artwork marked the artist’s return to figuration, in his Post-Suprematist period after the 1920s.

Each figure is made of 5 separable pieces, with a total of 20 parts on the pack than you can combine with each other. Their human outline, exactly like that on the painting, is easily recognizable, with a harlequinesque style.

This magnet is featured in Pedro Almodovar's 2021 film "Madres Paralelas".

From our collection of magnets inspired by XXth century art and architecture - the “M(art)gnets”.



Height: 10.7 cm // 4.2 in
Width: 3.7 cm // 1.4 in


4 x Malevich Sportsmen silhouettes