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Sofia Spinning Top

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A hand-blown glass peg top

The classic toy, reinvented. Sofia The Spinning Top has been manufactured in Barcelona by glass artisan Sofia Plana over the idea of Joshua Linacisoro, a young designer of Basque-German origin.

In his own words:
"Reconsidering ways to approach design and the impact we designers have on the people who produce and consume them, Sofia and I ended up crossing paths.

Sofia can create organic shapes, but she also has a technique that has matured over the years, allowing her to create objects that don't break easily and have precise forms.

In the words of its designer:
I had an idea, and Sofia had another one that had not yet materialized into an object. We worked together and ended up creating this spinning top that questions traditional materiality and presents an object that invites play but also instills a fear of breaking.

The truth is that glass is a material that appears fragile, but with the right hands, it can become something very durable."

The Sofia spinning top requires a delicate touch and a sensitive eye, ultimately speaking to the emotional fragility that we all possess but is often overlooked from our perspective as designers. It is a call for a more human-centered design approach, reaching beyond the mere drawing.


H12 x D5 cm
H4.7 x D1.9 in

100gr / 0.22 lbs

Hand-blown glass

Sent insured in custom case