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Shapes of Gaudí

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Create in the style of Gaudí's artworks!

If you've ever been to the Park Güell, then you know about trencadís. This is the name given to Antoni Gaudí's famous decorative color mosaic style. He used it to cover the stone walls, benches, and statues that inhabit the Parc, and are also present in many other of his works.

With the Shapes of Gaudí, you can create dioramas and experiments in the architect's style! Perfect to decorate your shelves, you have 27 pieces ready to be combined over a wooden base that is your artistic landscape. Place them vertical, horizontal, by size, by color, or by pure personal inspiration - you'll feel creative and will disconnect from screens by using a physical game for your coordination and innovation!

Trencadís is nothing more than broken color ceramic pieces glued on top of things, causing an incredible effect.

The famous Lizard-Dragon on Gaudí's park is covered in ceramic of this style. And that is the point - to decorate beyond form, to bring sculpture and 


Dimensions (base):
39 x 8 x 0.9 cm
15.3 x 3.1 x 0.35 in

Weight (boxed):
221 g // 0.49 lbs

certified elm wood & acrylic

1 x elm wood base with five rails
27 x acrylic shapes in Trencadis style

Acrylic is laser-cut and lightweight
with a mirror-like finish

Designed and made in Barcelona

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