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Mies Barcelona Pavilion Poster - Photography Print

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These twenty photographs, in color and gathered in the same frame, from the corners of the Pavilion that especially captivated the author, are today a quality poster that allows you to enjoy at home the double meaning proposed by the title.

From this same work also emerged a publication, which contains only these images, and that has become an essential work.

"Photographic Spring", 1998 by Lluís Casals



Height: 50 cm // 19.7 in
Width: 40 cm // 15.7 in

Publication date: 2016

Characteristics: Glossy photos on matte background


Under the title Reflexions Mies, the prestigious photographer specialized in architecture Lluís Casals, made a minimalist exhibition in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion with the aim of highlighting its most beautiful details for the Primavera Fotogràfica 98.

"I have searched for corners that bring together the essence of the pavilion, those little jewels that coexist in the great jewel that is the Pavilion, with the intention of highlighting the emotional contained in it."

Lluís Casals, 1998