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Mies Barcelona Pavilion Plans - Vertical

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Set of architectural plans of the Pavilion, in a vertical book format.

Plans can be separated.

The book includes a glossary in English. It is written in Catalan, Spanish, and English.

Plan 1: Site plan, scale 1/1000
Plan 2: Location, scale 1/200
Plan 4.1: Ground floor, scale 1/100
Plan 4.2: Ground floor plan, dimension and areas, dimensions and surfaces, scale 1/100
Plan 5: Roof floor plan, scale 1/100
Plan 9: Elevations, scale 1/100
Plan 10: Sections, scale 1/100
Plan 12: Reference of marble trimming, scale1/100
Plan 13: Pavement breakdown, scale 1/100
Plan 14.1: Metalwork details 1, scale 1/20
Plan 14.2: Metalwork details 2, scale 1/20
Plan 14.3: Metalwork details 3, scale 1/20
Plan 17: Construction details 3, scale 1/10, 1/1

English glossary. Words foundable in Catalan, Spanish and English.



Publisher: Mies van der Rohe Foundation (Editor)

Pages: 13 plans

Characteristics: Folded plans as in book format. The plans are separable. English glossary.

Model: vertical

Plans: Black & White

Cover: Softcover

Publication date: 2017

ISBN: Catalan 978-84-94183-69-0