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Mondrian Magnets

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A magnetic tribute to the art of Piet Mondrian.

Pack of 4 fridge magnets inspired in his most iconic style and works.

Neoplasticism describes Mondrian's vision of an ideal, pure form of art and design. It was to be a pure type of abstract art that adhered to strict rules of composition.

This pack embodies the simplicity and visual presence of the De Stijl colors and figures in a comprehensive, beautiful manner that will cheer up your kitchen in an educational, soothing way.

From Beamalevich's collection of M(art)gnets inspired by 20th-century art and architecture.



Dimensions (squares):
L6.5 x W6.5 cm
L2.5 x W2.5 in

Dimensions (rectangles):
L6.5 x W9 cm
L2.5 x W3.5 in

white, blue, red, yellow

2 x coloured squares
2 x coloured rectangles