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Mola Models Pack Studio x 9

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Mola Structural Kits 1, 2 & 3, three units of each!

Probably the most realistic construction toy in the market today, Mola is an interactive physical model that simulates the behavior of architectural structures. Including a set of modular pieces easily combinable with magnetic assemblers, with Mola you can translate paper plans into reliable 3D scale models that will obey the laws of nature just like a real life building would.

This qualitative analysis tool can be used as a resource to conventional methods of study, conception and verification of structures.

The Mola Studio Pack includes various components to give your team plenty of room for vast structural experimentation. Bring sketches to life while encouraging the freedom of play to make tests, trials and verify hypotheses. 

What's in the pack

3 units x Mola Structural Kit 1
3 units x Mola Structural Kit 2
3 units x Mola Structural Kit 3

What you can do

  • Visualize deformations under different loads and connections types
  • Identify potential bracing system adjustments to build safer
  • Simulate building stages to get ahead of the challenge of calculation and construction
  • Analyze how the architectural form influences the behavior of structures
  • Amaze your clients by showing how easily anyone can understand complicated behaviors

Making key early decisions in project design is essential to efficient companies. Mola is a perfect ally for engineering and architecture firms with creative teams conceiving stand-out structures.

Price already includes Brazilian duties and importation paid.

Magnetic assembly. 



This product contains small magnets and it's NOT A TOY. As such, it is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 14 years old.

Swallowed magnets can cause damage to internal organs and can result in SERIOUS INJURIES or DEATH;

. Keep away from ALL children;
. Be aware of dropped or separated magnets;
. Keep away from mouth and nose;

Seek immediate medical attention if magnet(s) were swallowed or inhaled.

Read all safety instructions here.




Dimensions (boxes):
Length: 32 cm // 12.6 in
Width: 23.8 cm // 9.4 in
Height: 4.5 cm // 1.8 in

Mola Structural Kit 1 is composed of 122 pieces + Manual.
Mola Structural Kit 2 is composed of 145 pieces + Manual.
Mola Structural Kit 3 is composed of 235 pieces + Manual.

Mola Manuals are bilingual practical guides (Portuguese/English) that contain explanations about the parts and assembly processes, as well as a series of examples of structural systems presented in a clear and didactic way.

Access Mola 1 Manual >
Access Mola 2 Manual >
Access Mola 3 Manual >