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Medium Klutsis Spatial Construction

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If Tatlin had his Monument to the Third International design turned into a real-life sculpture, we made sure the same would be done with Gustav Klutsis' Spatial Constructions plans.

An art teacher and Soviet propaganda pioneer himself, Klutsis' experimentation on the field of architecture never built up beyond paper - until now.

This moving sculpture created from his most interpretable design of what a Spatial Construction was is part of a collection of a total of four structures. This one being the second biggest, it has been entirely made of PEFC Certified Oregon pine wood by Barcelona local wood crafters, manually glue-free assembled piece by piece.

Made under the supervision of Beamalevich - a Barcelona-based art editor and curator specialized in Malevich and European avant-garde artists -, this Spatial Construction becomes the only physical rendition to Gustav Klutsis' avant-garde architectural mentality and building/construction vision. His ideas, visibly, seem to match all eras gone by since their birth.

The inner structures of the sculpture are movable and even removable, allowing endless possibilities of arrangement as a form of respecting the artist’s echoing plasticity even on the squarest of the forms.

Piece 2/4 of Beamalevich's Spatial Constructions collection. The second biggest model available - maybe, a more manageable size.



Length: 75.3 cm // 29.6 in
Width: 17.8 cm // 7 in

443 g // 0.98 lb // 15.6 oz

Material: PEFC-Certified Oregon pine wood

Shipment includes insurance

The Spatial Construction comes already assembled.