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Sportsmen Sculptures Collection

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The pack collection of Kazimir Malevich's neosuprematist dolls

Ceramic masterpieces of art based on 1931's Sportsmeny painting.
Malevich's harlequins represent four figures in athletic outfits, with a Suprematist turn that transforms them into colorful silhouettes on a dump background.
The original painting, as striking as these figures, fills the gap between reality and figuration. The sculptures full the room with lively color: red-yellow-blue-green-white. Yet they have soul, a serene solidity that soothes and calms.

Made and painted by hand in the North of Italy, by the 3rd generation of a family of master ceramists with workshop in the Milan region.

“I became over excited to the level of understanding that all of us are different, that we all have different personalities and ways of being. And then I understood Malevich”
Thoughts of @sovi_design when taking the pictures of the new Sportsmen collection of @beamalevich

Sent in a gift case with magnet closing.


Dimensions (per statue):
25 x 8 cm (base: 6 x 6 cm)
9.8 x 3.1 in (base: 2.3 x 2.3 in)

Weight (per statue):
380 g
0.8 lb

ceramic, acrylic paint