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Klutsis Spatial Construction Mini

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A desktop moving sculpture inspired by the Spatial Construction of constructivist Gustav Klutsis. To mount yourself.

Once out of the box, the Spatial Construction becomes a living part of the environment - you can hang it from a string, reshape it newly, display it as a decorative Constructivist sculpture, or experiment with other interactions. The emptiness and mobility of the sculpture allow the creation of unique images and shadow projections.

The sketch from which this design is born was drawn in 1921 by Gustav Klutsis, and it sought to be a 'morphing building', a helpful architectural tool that could help anticipating the new wave of designs for public buildings that were planned to be raised as a part of the new Soviet Russia of the time.

Similar to Malevich's suprematist Arkitektons, the Spatial Construction has the possibility of changing shape and structure quickly, allowing multiple possibilities of creation for the artist. We have respected this by separately aligning the two concentric rectangular sheets inside the outer structure, which enables the user to move and arrange the center of gravity of the sculpture as desired, symmetrically, emptied, or fully furnished with all its parts.

Made from acrylic material, lightweight and resistant with a slight elasticity to it.



24 x 5 x 5 cm /
9.4 x 1.9 x 1.9 in

250 g /
0.55 lb

semitransparent laser-cut methacrylate


Acclaimed for his spatial constructions, as well as for his designs of practical structures like kiosks, tribunes, and radio-orators, Gustav Klutsis (Latvia, 1895-1938) became a professor of colour theory at the constructivist school VKhUTEMAS (Higher State Artistic-technical Workshops) in 1924. As well as being an accomplished constructivist, by the early 1920s Klutsis had become a pioneering developer of photomontage - work for which he is also known.