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Kinetic Sculpture Blue

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A kinetic sculpture designed by Manuel Grases

Like a hanging mobile, the Kinetic Blue is a piece of art made to float on air and react to currents and different atmospheres.

Created in Madrid, Spain, it displays an aluminum spine that serves as holding skeleton to an aluminum frame, from where a blue sail of plastic material sticks out on a bend on each side. It resembles a boat sail ready to navigate -- once hung, it starts turning by the force of wind in eclectic circles.

Only 1 Kinetic Blue has been made. It is part of a collection of unique kinetic statues designed ad hoc by expert Manuel Grases, who also creates roundabout art, modern style decorative artifacts, and such.

Kinetic art involves some aspect of movement. This can include electric motor-powered sculptures, works of art that move in response to the wind, or optical illusions that give the impression of movement (like Op Art). It was very popular during the 1950s but many of its concepts can be traced back even to the 1800s. Impressionists and some sculptors like Auguste Rodin were interested in the concept of artistic movement and tried to capture movement in their works.

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Height: 95 cm // 37.4 in
Diameter: 45 cm // 17.7 in

1 kg // 2.2 lbs

Author: Manuel Grases. Innovator, Entrepreneur, Businessman and designer of kinetic sculptures and mobiles with extensive experience in the search for new opportunities for disruptive technological and business development, in sectors such as energy, construction and industry. From Catalan origin, lived his early years in Venezuela and France. Currently living in Madrid.