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HOUSE of Mondrian

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Build toy structures with the De Stijl inspired HOUSE™ Mondrian architecture toy pack.

Neoplasticism has a tribute in this block construction game, featuring the geometrical forms and colors characteristic of the movement.

Like a three-dimensional canvas or a changeable sculpture designed from Mondrian's style, with HOUSE you can experiment like an artist and exercise your creative muscle with patience and sensibility.

Stack the wooden bases with the 90º degree 'L' shaped metal corners included.
These metallic corners can be decorated with the Mondrian-styled magnets on the pack, in the placement of your taste.
The results becomes an art piece open to rearrangement, to play and of display.

HOUSE is a construction game to learn about art & architecture and to feel the making-of process behind them. The decorative magnets can be bought separately to widen your possibilities.

Check the magnets packs by clicking here.



Box size:
L24.5 x W9.1 x H5.5 cm
L9.6 x W3.6 x H2.1 in

1 x large rectangular wooden bases with rails
3 x medium rectangular wooden bases with rails
3 x small square wooden bases with rails
9 x “L” metal shaped corner walls to build the structure
14 x magnets with visuals of Mondrian style

Total weight:
0.9 kg // 2 lbs

Unlimited possibilities
Inside the box, there's an extra pack of magnets with different design, so that fresh creations can come to life.
You can buy more magnets separately. See here.