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HOUSE Metropolis

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Build freely and compose structures with this Modern Architecture inspired HOUSE™ Metropolis construction toy pack.

Raise buildings on your desk or table somewhere between Brutalist and Avant-garde, piece by piece, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city you can quickly put together.

The walls of the toy buildings are made of metal, so you can create solid constructions with which to play and decorate with.

The metal, 90º degree corners included will serve you as corners for your building. They fit perfectly into the wood slots on the wooden basis, resulting in a versatile and natural basis for your constructions.

A construction toy for serious people!



2 x large wooden bases
4 x medium wooden bases
8 x L metal shaped corner walls
14-15 x magnets with visuals of Metropoli futuristic façades
Set of 1:100 scale model figures 

Inside the box, there's an extra pack of magnets with completely different design (inspired in Le Corbusier) so you can build more