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FUKT Magazine #11

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FUKT Magazine No. 11 - 2011/2012



Height: 24 cm // 9.7 in
Width: 17 cm // 6.7 in
Thickness: 1.5 cm // 0.6 in

469 g // 1 lbs

Anke Becker
Christian Weihrauch
Deanna Petherbridge
Eric Winarto
Frank Höhne
Frédéric Malette
Iliana Antonova
Teo Treloar
Leonard Rickhard
Michael Kutschbach
Bettina Krieg
Øyvind Torseter
Rik Smits
Robbie Cornelissen
Thérèse Mastroiacovo
Björn Hegardt
Thomas Müller
Tim Knowles
Andrew Hewish
Arno Kramer
Anonymous drawings
Lars Bang Larsen
C.F. Hill