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FRITZ Metropolis Fridge cover Magnets

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An urban fridge magnet frieze inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Populate your fridge's door with life with this big pack of 70 magnets.
Build the city or the nest for hundreds. Put together a glorious concrete beehive. Create a Tower that reigns.

Play with the magnets on this toy until you come up with your thing.

Admire the work you make up.

Inspired by 1920s imagery of the future, like in Austrian director Fritz Lang's film Metropolis. This style of architecture is brutal, but simply doesn't fall out of grace. Its grandiose harmony hides the rawness of the kind of conditions it creates: stone-cold, stacked-up, piles of nameless people who make feel they are in another dimension.


4,5 x 4,5 cm magnets

70 square units

Varied color combinations