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Fridge Cover Magnets

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Turn your fridge into an inspiring mosaic with the Fridge Cover magnets

A pack of 32 square magnets (16 red & white, 16 black & white) featuring basic geometrical shapes, inspired in artistic movements such as Suprematism, Bauhaus, Brutalism or Memphis style.

Combine and recreate to bring to life new patterns, drawings, and forms to decorate your kitchen with and boost your creativity. Your canvas will  be your fridge or any metallic surface where your magnets can stick to, and you're set.

From Beamalevich's M(art)gnets collection of magnets inspired by XXth-century art and architecture.



Dimensions (magnets):
H6.5 x L6.5 cm
H2.5 x L2.5 in

12 x black & white
12 x red & white

Includes 32 pieces