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Factory900 FA-P081 Glasses

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FACTORY900 Paper Glasses model FA-P081

This pair of FACTORY900 paper glasses are assembled following instructions. The final result is a pioneering modern design glass frame.

In the words of FACTORY900 themselves:

New Creation, New Style, New Value,

FACTORY900 is "THE FUTURE EYEWEAR" created through continuous innovation.

One of our most famous models, the "FA-P081" is Japanese paper-craft turned into technology.

95% of 'made in Japan' eyewear frames are manufactured in Sabae city, Fukui Prefecture.

We, at AOYAMA Optical, have been manufacturing plastic frames in our factory for three generations over the last 80 years. During AOYAMA Optical's history, we have always challenged ourselves until obtaining magnificient plastic frame-forming techniques.
FACTORY900 was launched in 2000 using state-of-the-art molding technologies. Our Brand name comes from the original registration number of our factory.

Unique shapes and avant-garde designs have gained great reputation worldwide.
We received the Japanese Eyewear Award - 'Eyewear of the Year' - three years in a row in 202, 2003 and 2004.

We also received the "Slimo d'Or" of Paris, France, in 2013 and 2015.

The Slimo d'Or is considered to be the Academy Award of the eyewear field.

With great craftmen techniques, each unit of "THE FUTURE EYEWEAR" frames are finished individually with great care. This revolutionary product has come to the world under the name FACTORY900.

They look like they could belong to a superhero!


The product includes a detailed set of instructions with a step-by-step process.
A video with their assembly is also available here: FA-081 Assembly.

Level of Assembling Difficulty: HIGH

Production Time: ABOUT 2 HOURS
Assembling video:
This video will help you organize the assembly of the FACTORY900 paper glasses.