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Everything Stand Metal

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Everything Stand metal podium, book stand, and lectern by Beamalevich

Desktop podium.

Minimal design for maximum versatility.

Whether you want to pile up your magazines by the sofa, read a book on your desk, or show your dear objects, the Everything Stand will loyally stay by your side, solid, simple, and reliable, holding your belongings.

Made of two separate pieces crossed together. 

Made in iron with a powder paint finish in Pantone 419.

Designed by Beamalevich.

Also available in lightweight bamboo wood.



Dimensions (unfolded):
Height: 28.5 cm // 11.2 in
Width: 21 cm // 8.3 in
Length: 30 cm // 11.8 in

Colour: Pantone 419 (black)

Material: iron, with powder paint finish