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Architecture Quotes - Less but Better

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A 3D Quote to decorate and get inspired by

Slogans, mottos, quotes... they all help us remember important stuff. They can work like mantras for a better life, sum up wisdom, knowledge... They inspire us, and push us to go beyond, to reflect.

With the Architecture Quotes, this is done with the most timeless and influential sentences on Architecture and Industrial Design ever said.

Laser cut in acrylic, in a handy format perfect for shelves, desks, or tabletops, they are a physical display of design principles that have shaped the world we live in. 

"Less but Better" is a sentence that sums up with accuracy German industrial designer Dieter Rams' philosophy. Rams, to date a true living legend, is considered one of the most relevant and influential consumer products' designer of modern history. His creations behind also-German brand Braun and others have entered tenths of millions of households around the world, and have influenced even more products to this day.
This sentence titles the 'Ten Commandments' of Design as he expressed them, which you can read here.

Put this Architecture design masterpiece in your workplace for a fresh daily breath of inspiration.

Not to confuse with Mies van der Rohe's "less is more" quote.



Height: 23 cm // 9 in
Length: 2.5 cm // 1 in

22 g // 0.78 oz

Less but Better

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