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Architecture Quotes - Form Follows Function

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A 3D Quote to decorate and get inspired by

Slogans, mottos, quotes... they all help us remember important stuff. They can work like mantras for a better life, sum up wisdom, knowledge... They inspire us, and push us to go beyond, to reflect.

With the Architecture Quotes, this is done with the most timeless and influential sentences on Architecture and Industrial Design ever said.

Laser cut in acrylic, in a handy format perfect for shelves, desks, or tabletops, they are a physical display of design principles that have shaped the world we live in. 

"Form Follows Function" is a sentence coined by the famous architect Louis Henry Sullivan, and abides for buildings to be designed based on the function they will serve. A mentor of renowned Frank Lloyd Wright, Sullivan is often called the "father of skyscrapers" and is considered "one of the three most relevant architects for the United States of America" together with Wright and Henry H. Richardson.

Put this Functional design masterpiece in your workplace for a fresh daily breath of inspiration.

More information on the quote and movement, click here. 



Height: 23 cm // 9 in
Length: 2.5 cm // 1 in

22 g // 0.78 oz

Form Follows Function

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