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Alpha Architecton by Malevich

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A replica of Kazimir Malevich’s ALPHA architecton (Arkitekton Al’fa, 1920) is here displayed, on sale as a unique piece.

This reproduction, entirely made of wood, is an individual creation by local wood crafters based on the ALPHA’s interpretation by Beamalevich, a Barcelona-based art editor and curator collective specialized in Malevich and European avant-garde artists.

The ALPHA Architecton is a multilevel horizontal platform. With its shape, it can remind of a futuristic vehicle, ready to take off and to move either very slow or too quickly. A "planit" in the words of Malevich, it is a clear example of the artist attempts to extrapolate the Suprematist pictorial system into architecture and design.

The lack of any motif, window or door, even proportion reference is a motive behind the artist designing and creating the Arkhitektons - to propose his conviction that new architecture can arise simply from the assembly of abstract volumetric masses rather than from a design based on the use.

The size of the item is exactly as the original ALPHA Architecton. The blend of different woods is glued together and covered with several coats of white paint.

Made in Barcelona in 2008.


Length: 80.5 cm // 31.7 in
Height: 31.5 cm // 12 in
Width: 34 cm // 13.4 in

3 kg // 6.6 lb // 105 oz

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