B2b Wholesale

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Are you a shop owner with interest in what we make? Would you like to try a selection of Beamalevich products in your venue?

Beamalevich offers 300€ for free on your First Order if you make your command via Faire.com, the marketplace for B2b business. Try it with this link, it is free to join for you:


We are thankful to be working with a network of design enthusiasts across the world. Our products appeal to an audience fond of architecture, design, and gift items, and so proves our B2b sellers.

Concept stores, Museum shops, small libraries and big franchises - our catalog merges well with varied product ranges at our partner's locations.


If you want to get information about our Wholesale Conditions and prices, send us a message to info@beamalevich.com

Get our price list, and learn our helpful conditions for making business in times like this.

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