Mies Pavilion Barcelona

Mies Pavilion Barcelona

The breathtaking Mies Pavilion Barcelona was designed by two monumental figures in the modernist architecture movement: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich. Completed in 1929, Mies Pavilion was torn down just a year later before being rebuilt in its initial location in 1986 where it stands today. Mies Pavilion is a modernist architectural masterpiece, featuring crisp, minimalist design and striking stone walls which vary in texture and color. Mies Pavilion is a stunning backdrop for the performance art pieces called interventions which are regularly staged at the Pavilion. Artists stage interventions within the Pavilion, integrating modern art with the space and creating a powerful and intimate viewing experience.

ai weiwei

One famous intervention was Ai Weiwei’s 2009 installation With Milk in which he swapped the crystal clear water in the Pavilion’s shallow viewing pools with milk and coffee, a commentary on transitivity and circulation within the Pavilion. To read Ai Weiwei’s commentary on this groundbreaking exhibition, be sure to check out his book With Milk …find something everybody can use on our website: https://www.beamalevich.com/products/ai-weiwei-book/. Also be sure to see our full selection of interventions books including works by Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue Nishizawa, Alex Arteaga, Andrés Jaque Book, and Anna & Eugeni Bach at our website here: https://beamalevich.com/collections/books-by-mies-pavilion

mies pavilion barcelona model

To celebrate the Mies Pavilion as an emblem of modernist architecture, see our Mies Pavilion Modelhttps://www.beamalevich.com/products/mies-barcelona-pavilion-model/. Our model is easy to assemble and crafted from birch plywood, creating an elegant rendition of this architectural masterpiece. Once assembled, this model is the perfect way to add a modernist touch to any space and celebrate the Mies Pavilion and its impact on modern architecture and design.


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