HOUSE by Beamalevich selected as a finalist for 2020 Delta Awards ADI FAD

HOUSE by Beamalevich selected as a finalist for 2020 Delta Awards ADI FAD


This is an old version of HOUSE. To visit the new models, click here.


Check out the newest design in our award winning HOUSE™ architecture toy series, inspired by Piet Mondrian, here:! Beamalevich won the 2020 Delta Awards Original Design Award for our HOUSE™ architecture series. Founded in 2011, The Delta Awards “aim to celebrate excellence in design and emphasize its importance as a prime tool for creating wealth in an industrial economy, as well as highlighting its role as an expression of our culture.” Our product embodies the role of design in expressing artistic culture as it pays homage to key artists and artistic movements of the 20th century.


The HOUSE™ series celebrates the art and architecture of several prominent 20th Century artists while offering a versatile tool for your creative expression. Each product is made with a wooden base which allows you to build and create your own architectural masterpiece right at home! The series includes the HOUSE™ Victor Vasarely building set and a HOUSE™ Brutalism building set.

Our series also includes three building sets inspired by Pop-Artist Roy Lichtenstein and his 1998 sculpture House I. Be sure to check out the three editions of the Lichtenstein building set on our website using the links below:


Also existed the Roy Lichtenstein large pack, Roy Lichtenstein medium-sized pack, Roy Lichtenstein compact starter pack.

The HOUSE™ architecture toy series is the perfect way to celebrate art and architecture while creating your own unique architectural wonder. You can imitate the style of an artist or architectural movement or create your own! Our products are original in design and of the 2019 Delta Awards winners, our HOUSE™ architecture toy series is the only product available for purchase online!


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