Designing FLOT: The Influence of 20th Century Artistic Movements on Modern Interior Design

Designing FLOT: The Influence of 20th Century Artistic Movements on Modern Interior Design

The artistic movements of the 20th Century have inspired and continue to influence modern interior design trends. In particular, the Bauhaus movement pioneered modern furniture design characterized by simple, sleek pieces often made from industrial materials. The functionality and simplicity of Bauhaus furniture has made it a lasting staple of interior design and iterations of the original designs are widespread in modern interiors.

Because these designs often consist of monochromatic, elegant forms, they provide the perfect accent to any space without compromising functionality. Bauhaus-inspired designs often incorporate the abstract geometric shapes characteristic of the works of many Bauhaus artists, providing a graceful synergy of abstract art and modernist architecture.

One key artist who applied the principles of the De Stijl artistic movement was the Dutch painter, architect, and designer Gerrit Rietveld. His 1917 work Red and Blue Chair elevated the principles of Neoplasticist painting beyond the canvas, creating a beautiful yet fully functional work. His later 1934 work Zig Zag Chair represents an elegant simplification of Neoplasticist furniture, a simple, monochromatic wood design which embodies stylish geometricity. The influence of works by Rietveld and other artists of the De Stijl and Bauhaus movements can still be seen in modern interior design pieces which often feature the same abstract geometric shapes, sophisticated lines, and dynamism of 20th Century furniture pieces.


small metal floating shelves with stuff on top, painted black, glued to a wall

Our FLOT floating shelves embody these principles of 20th Century design with a modern edge: Built from molded iron, these shelves are versatile, elegant, and functional, allowing you to showcase small pieces in any space with ease. Inspired by the simple geometricity of the Bauhaus movement, these shelves are timeless and come in red, blue, yellow, and black, the primary colors characteristic of Neoplasticism movement.


piet table

Also be sure to see our Piet Side Table, an elegant folding table which can also serve as a hanging art installation: Created by IVDesign studio in Italy, this table is inspired by the Neoplasticism movement and the works of artists like Gerrit Rietveld who pushed the boundaries of art and design.


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