Celebrating 138 Years: Theo van Doesburg

Celebrating 138 Years: Theo van Doesburg

Today we celebrate the 138th Birth Anniversary of Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg, born August 30, 1883. Theo van Doesburg was a founding member of the Dutch De Stijl movement of the early 20th century that emphasized geometricity and later in the movement, Doesburg’s theory of Elementarism. Elementarism was similar to Piet Mondrian’s theory of Neoplasticism, but offered more dynamic possibility, allowing movement in many directions across the canvas.

poster de stijl mondrian neoplasticism

piet de stijl folding table

Theo van Doesburg was also a member of the Bauhaus movement, teaching at Bauhaus Weimar where he also continued to develop architectural theories of Elementarism. The integration of architecture and design with the colors, shapes, and motifs of the Elementarism and Neoplasticism was a key component of the De Stijl movement and inspired one of our products, the Piet Mondrian Side Table: https://www.beamalevich.com/product/piet-de-stijl-side-table/. This product features the bold colors seen in the works of Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian and integrates principles of space and geometricity seen in De Stijl architecture. Our tables are created by the Italian studio IVDesign and continues a tradition of furniture and functional design associated with the De Stijl era.

bauhaus magnet

Also be sure to see our Bauhaus anniversary M(art)gnet which commemorates the centennial of the Bauhaus Dessau: https://www.beamalevich.com/products/bauhaus-magnet/. The Bauhaus was not only a physical space which brought together groundbreaking artists of the 20th century, but also represented a broader artistic movement. Because of its importance in shaping art during the 20th century and to this day, the Bauhaus Dessau has been designated as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site and serves as a monument to Bauhaus art, architecture, and thought. Join us in commemorating artists such as Theo van Doesburg whose art, theory, and architecture have profoundly influenced both art history and contemporary artistic movements.



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