Architecton: The Integration of Architecture in the Suprematist Movement

Architecton: The Integration of Architecture in the Suprematist Movement

BeaMalevich’s first product, Architecton, was inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s Alpha Architecton. Malevich believed that architecture was a critical component of Suprematism and integrated the two in his series of Architectons beginning in 1923. Malevich’s Architectons were built out of white plaster and exhibited the potential of Suprematist architecture as a non-objective medium. An important component of Suprematism was spatial orientation, a key feature of Malevich’s Suprematist paintings. The Architectons bring space to life, a three-dimensional composition of the geometric forms Malevich painted in his earlier works.

 architecton construction toy

Our Architecton kit allows you to create your own Suprematist structure using wooden rectangular pieces to construct an infinite number of ArchitectonsConstructed by wood crafters in Barcelona, Architecton is designed to replicate Malevich’s Architecton models. The monochrome elements of Architecton highlight the importance of spatial arrangement in the work, providing the perfect way to showcase creative architectural design. Like Malevich, you can explore geometricity, space, and the supremacy of non-objective creativity. Be sure to check out our original product here to design like Malevich:


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