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The Sand Pendulum

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Unique pendulum which draws in sand

The movement of the plate and pendulum, that swirl and move with independent motion, traces unique designs on the sand. Physicists see them as a demonstration of the Theory of chaos; others see the Jules Antoine Lissajous curves written on the sand. Still, others experiment the relaxing appeal of the pendulum drawing infinite figures on the sand with its soothing and captivating effects.

The pendulum is made of stainless steel and leaves a trace on the extremely fine, white quartz sand included that rests in contrast with the darker bowl made of powder-coated steel.

A small push is enough for the hanging sand pendulum to create wonderful, ever-changing pictures and shapes due to its heavy weight.

Hand assembled in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. A collaboration between BeaMalevich and Dieters Company from Germany.



Diameter: 36 cm // 14.2 in
Height: adjustable

4.7 kg // 10.4 lbs