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'RAINBOW' cardboard figure by Octàgon Design

Color up your life with this beautiful rainbow! It just fits anywhere, and it's in 3D - it really will make you company with its presence and it just looks awesome. Really.

As facts, Isaac Newton discovered in 1667 that light is composed of these seven colours; Gilbert Baker turned them into a flag three centuries later, in the 1960s, for the hippie movement; and of course, it nowadays represents the LGBTQ+ movement, and it’s still one of the first things we all learn to draw as children.

What else can you ask from a rainbow? To be able to make it with your own hands, obviously.

It is perfect for gifts, a simple, minimalistic, universal symbol of love and compassion, of peace, and of a better future. All perfectly folded and flatted out in an oversized envelope.

It's easy to put together. Use silicone better than quicker methods for a perfect result!
Once assembled it is lightweight, with vivid colours, simply lovely!


- Sheet of 16.5 x 23.6 in -- (42 x 60 cm)
- Bag size: 24 x 22 in -- (61 x 56 cm)
- 255 gsm paper
- Printed and pre-cut
- Scissors are not needed
- We recommend liquid silicone for assembly
- Presented in a 170 gsm paper handle bag
- Shipped worldwide from Barcelona, Spain