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Modul@r Desk Organizer Large

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The do-it-yourself desktop containers for your common accessories

The Modul@r Desk Organizer Its interactive design possibilities make it reach places that your average cubby holes won't. Resistant, created from pieces of wood and metal.

It is perfect for architects, artisans, and people who use varied types of tools on a daily basis.

    • It's simple. Easily create containers that suit your desk top necessities
    • It's basic. Wood, metal, elastic bands, magnetic pads, cardboard. Simply join the elements - no need for more
    • It's modular. Enjoy its modifiable structure, and reliable materials for extensive experimentation

With the Large pack, you can make up to 3 individual container.

Find storage solutions with the large pack - form vertical structures for all kinds of office supplies; put together long horizontal units for your garage gear or blunter-than-average items; and give attention to details with a small and practical crate for your keys, sunglasses, or any item in need for a trendy spot to call its own.

Available also in a MEDIUM version.



Dimensions (box):
Length: 9 cm // 3.5 in
Width: 24.5 cm // 9.6 in
Depth: 5.5 cm // 2.2 in

Weight (box):
804 g // 1.8 lb

Wood, metal, cardboard, natural rubber

2 x triple wood units
2 x double wood units
2 x single wood units
8 x coloured metal corners
16 x elastic bands
2 x magnetic self-adhesive squares for your metal clips
6 x illustrated cardboard dividers