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'BRAINSTORMING' cardboard figure by Octàgon Design

What if you could hear paper? That’s what happens with this lightning bolt. Not that you will be able to hear Bowie’s Aladdin Sane album, mind you –we still don’t incorporate music to paper. But it will surely inspire the receiving end of this gift to look it up and play it while the glue dries.

All perfectly folded and flatted out in an oversized envelope.

It's easy to assemble, although silicone is recommended rather than other quicker methods. Just set aside some time to put it together; it’s worth it!


- Sheet of 42 x 60 cm.
- 255 gsm paper
- Printed and pre-cut
- Scissors are not needed
- We recommend liquid silicone for assembly
- Presented in a 170 gsm paper handle bag
- Bag size: 61 x 56 cm