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'TOT COR' cardboard figure by Pepa Reverter

Ah, love. Love is all we need; love is a fleeting concept that comes and goes yet stays with us forever. A red heart made of paper to create from scratch, tamper with, and contemplate in all its brightness. Just as it happens with the real thing.

All perfectly folded and flatted out in an oversized envelope.

It's easy to assemble, although silicone is recommended rather than other quicker methods. Just set aside some time to put it together; it’s worth it!


- Sheet of 42 x 60 cm.
- 255 gsm paper
- Printed and pre-cut
- Scissors are not needed
- We recommend liquid silicone for assembly
- Presented in a 170 gsm paper handle bag
- Bag size: 61 x 56 cm