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Octàgon Design Giant Wall Calendar 2024

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New addition to Octagon's catalog!

Great new 2024 calendar for a big big year!

Make getting organized a piece of art with the 2024 Octàgon Design Giant Wall Planner!

Beautiful graphic design and high quality paper make it a great addition to any space, while its giant size keeps you in the know for the entire year.

The perfect way to maximize productivity and stay inspired!

The Giant Calendar is individually packaged in an amazing box, 70 x 9 x 9 cm



Height: 76 cm // 29.9 in
Width: 69 cm // 27 in

High-quality 100 gsm. FSC certified paper
You can use any writing instruments, pencils, sharpies, pens, Chinese ink, highlighters… And also add post-it, stickers, washi tape, your year can be as colorful or minimalist as you like

12 sheets calendar nicely presented in an attractive box. Individual sheets are perforated beneath the binding strip to allow for seamless tearing. 

How to hang it tips:

The binding strip of the calendar has three matte black finish metal eyelets to facilitate easy hanging.

But you can also hang it with picture hanging strips with removable adhesive.

Or with paper clips!