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Italy Team Football Statue 30 cm

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Handmade and handpainted ceramic statue of the Italy National Football Team (in Italian, the Nazionale di calcio italiana).

Football, a term that recalls the long afternoons spent playing with friends, fun evenings at the table, a passion more than a hobby, vintage and nostalgic flavor. This special collection brings to our memory the legendary little players of Subbuteo, group of table games simulating team groups such as football, cricket, rugby and hockey associations.

In this collection, dedicated to football enthusiasts, every player is unique, created and designed ad-hoc with the creative flair of the artist. They are crafted in Italy and hand painted by a family of master ceramists in the North of Italy.

The figure has a classic style of a Subbuteo statue, a skill table game that has been conquering hearts from the early 70s.

Sent insured and with extra care, the base of the figure is flat, allowing the statue to stand by its own in its full 30 cm of height, ready to join your squad.



Height: 30 cm // 11.8 in
Width: 19 cm // 7.5 in
Length: 19 cm // 7.5 in

Material: handmade ceramic, acrylic paint

1 kg // 2.2 lb